New personal website!

It has been a while since I’ve written anything personal, yet having my own website. I used to have one a while back and was moderately active, with new posts from time to time. I hope I will have fun editing on this one.

Tech. stack

The frontend is made with Next.js using the TypeScript language, using the framework as a static website generator. I’m trying Tailwind right now for all the CSS, so far it has been good, I can see it being a problem if you need too much specific styles which are not present by default (enjoy adding them in tailwind.config.js).

For the backend part, I’m generating an API using the headless CMS Strapi. It has been mostly easy to setup and so far it’s working as intended. I just wish the editing part was a bit more powerful. I ended up writing posts on a separate markdown editor. They are fetched during build time querying the API.

Made in France in 2024 with NextJS, Typescript, Strapi, Tailwind etc.